Perishable food, interview with Francesco Cesari

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Becoming a big cheese in perishables:  Finding a niche and then excelling is a key plank of the success of many independent freight forwarding businesses around the world


Interview Francesco Cesari

(excerpt) If you think of Italy, one of the first things you think of is food, and it is in this sector that the company is rightly regarded as a leader.

“We were based in Rome, a perfect location for the export of many of Italy’s best and most famous cheeses. We also engaged a partner in Milan to serve the Northern Italy exporters. You could say that our success was built on cheese.”

“We really pushed the commercial side and found that there was a big need for expert transportation of a wide range of expensive foods. We had agents in the US that were equally expert in the handling of perishables and cheeses and we worked with these to bring the produce to market here. We also established important agent networks around the world with the expertise to support our producers.”

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“We monitor the shipments all the way to delivery. We are on call day and night to solve any problems or hold-ups such as customs. The shelf life of an average cheese is around 20 days. If the produce arrives three days late no customers will buy it and the retailer may reject it. … We track each ULD by its number and give clients up to date tracking on departure, loading, arrival, unloading and final delivery.”

Fc Cargo Team has also expanded from cheese into a whole range of chilled and frozen Italian produce, such as salami’s and hams, ice cream, pasta, olive oil and mushrooms.

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“We use a range of packing and transport options from dry ice, green ice and gels, Envirotainers and reefers. We also consolidate shipments to ensure the most cost-efficient transport. Markets in Asia are growing particularly fast and 4,000 kg shipments to countries like Japan are commonplace. In two weeks we also transported over 5,000 kg of Parmesan to China.”


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